Different Types of Water Tanks which are Available in Australia

The shortage of water is being felt in almost all parts of the world. In fact, there are several countries that have experienced severe drought all throughout this year. If the necessary steps have been taken, this shortage would have been avoided early on.  

This is actually one reason why many people today are thinking of installing water tanks in their homes (read more about water tanks here: http://www.watertankfactory.com.au/). Having rainwater tanks installed in your home is a great way to battle the drought and shortage of water. The water that you have collected can be used in various ways. You can use the saved and collected water to wash your dog, water your plants for example.  

With just a little work from your plumber, you can also use the collected water to flush your toilet and even drink it as well. There are many types of water tanks that you can choose from. If you do not have a big space in your backyard for instance, then you can simply opt for a slimline tank and have it placed on the sides of your home.  



Underground Water Tank


There are also underground tanks that can be placed underneath your house, if you want to save up on space. These tanks are typically made up of concrete and you will need the help of professionals to have them installed. One good thing about underground tanks is that, they would not eat up any of your space since they will be situated underground. To take a look at some of the underground tank models available throughout Australia, I'd recommend taking a look at underground tanks from The Water Tank Factory.




Poly tanks are also very useful and they are also very durable. Poly tanks can be purchase either as a complete unit or you can purchase it in several parts which you can then assemble later on yourself.  

Wood water tanks are also still available. Although they might seem a bit old fashioned, they can still provide you with the same benefits as that of steel water tanks.  You may wish to compare plastic tanks and metal tanks to ensure you are purchasing a tank which best suits your needs.