Reasons to be Taller - Attraction, Authority and Confidence

getting trampled by someone tallerHave you noticed that all the basketball players, soccer players, athletes are usually tall people. People in sports like javelin throw, high jump, lawn tennis, volleyball etc always have the advantage of height. Some of you would remember the days at school and college where you were identified by how tall or short you were. Whereas those who were taller had a definite advantage in terms of presence and confidence those who were shorter would always feel insignificant.


In a job in the corporate world, those who are taller than others would usually command more authority wherever they stood. Their charisma quotient becomes higher by virtue of their height. The shorter employees are very self conscious of their appearance and would appear as more nervous. Most of the top actors and actresses of movie industry are also relatively taller and more attractive. To make it big in the world of modeling it is very important to be tall to be successful on the ramp. Whenever you meet a tall person at the supermarket, you can always rely on them to help you pick up things from the topmost shelves. How many times have you wished that you were taller?


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